Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Continue to help the people of Botolan, Zambales

I noticed the decreasing volume of donations to the victims of Typhoon Kiko lately. I hope it does not signal the loss of interest to those of us who are not affected.

In what appears to be a turn for the worse, the river changed direction is is poised to inundate a different part of the town, if an when, another typhoon heads their way.

According to governor Amor Deloso, the provincial government needs around P170 million to repair the dike that dike that swallowed so many barangays.

A footbridge was built to give residents access to the other side of Zambales.

Thank you for sending your donations via Paypal. Keep the donations coming to any person, relief organization or government agency you so choose. The important thing is to keep them coming.

Photo taken by David Bayarong

A chopper, attempting to land on what used to be a busy highway traversing Zambales, is seen here airlifting victims after typhoon Kiko ravaged the town Saturday .

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