Sunday, February 14, 2010

Balloons lift up the spirit at the 15th Hot Air Balloon Festival

Clark, Pampanga --- I wish Subic Bay can do something almost like this. Wish!

Waking up at 3AM to travel one hour away isn't something I look forward to everyday. But the 15th Hot Air Balloon festival at Clark is worth every waking moment.

Here's a pic to prove my point.

Sunny Boy and Pong Pagong took center stage. Both raked in the ohhhs and the ahhhs from the thousands of attendees. See video at the right side of the blog ---->

How grand was the 15th hot air balloon festival? The only measure is to count the crowd. But because we got stuck in a VERY long line, let's just say there are at least 1,000 cars parked at around 6am. Our Totoya Corolla was packed with four adults and one 3 year old child. Do the math.

The crowd kept pouring in until we decided that the Sunny Boy wasn't worth the searing heat of the original one. That's around 10:15 AM.

Like I said, if only Subic Bay can do anything close to this, it would be wonderful. Here are some more pics that tell the story better than I could.

As a last note, I will be back there next year...promise. Thanks to David Bayarong of www.subictimes com for sharing the photos with the Subic Review.


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