Thursday, February 28, 2008


"They came swiftly, and tagged
their prey "GMO RISK RICE."

Their judgement was as swift. Don't
unload them Rice,they say, its not safe!"

That is Greenpeace's message to the gang of reporters who waited for their stunt. As you can see, they succefully flagged MV Liberty Eagle, a ship carrying some 44,000 tons of rice imported from the United States of America (USA).

The rice shipment is being unloaded at the Naval Supply Depot (NSD) pier here.

Daniel M. Ocampo, genetic engineering campaigner of Greenpeace Southeast Asia argued that the National Food Authority (NFA) "must quarantine this shipment and run stringent tests based on European Union protocols before the rice is distributed to the public."

By the way, the rice shipment, according to the National Food Authority (NFA) passed their testing.

Is it a Broken Window or a Crystal Clear Pane for;

1.) the Greenpeace activists and their stunts?

2.) the National Food Authority (NFA) for allowing the importation of the supposedly GMO-contaminated rice?

3.) this article because it ain't worth the webspace?


Anonymous said...

broken windows for both groups.

this is somethign that they both can talk about and / or discuss.

i certainly hope we can track those thousands of canvans.

i hope they are not smuggled.

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