Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Is it because of the forest or because they are Koreans?

One day, this blog would love to be able to post a review of the Hanjin 22-storey condo.

Facts will soon come out sonner that later, and those who opened their beaks without conducting a due diligence study would hopefully say sorry.

Here are several accusations:

1.) The project violated environmental laws - Statement made by Senators Legarda, Zubiri and Gordon.

Apparently the Koreans followed the laws to the letter. It in fact, went through the process step-by-step and passed them all. And yes, Honorable Senator Loren Lagarda, projects that follow the rules and are legal, are right. Otherwise, what is?

2.) That it was carved out of the rain forest - the senators again

Wrong again. It was formerly a munitions area, already cleared by the Americans that was later used a staging and conversion area for used vehicles. What rain forest? These are secondary growth area. The rain forest you are referring to was cut down by the Americans in the early 1900s.

3.) That such travesty (condo project in the forest) was approved during former SBMA chairman Felicito Payumo's time - Senator Gordon

Sus! and if it wasn't then its ok, except for the height? "Nakakainis iyon!"

4.) Its horrible! Its horrific! Foreigners should respect our environmental laws when they come here - Gina Lopez

Well, her taste for beauty would be suspect, just as everyone else's. Ms. Lopez, they did respect our laws. Everyone else should also. And more importantly, Ms. Lopez SHOULD.

5.) Who issued the ECC? Who sold the land? How did that happen? - Ms. Lopez again.

Ma'am, authorized government officials did. Lands in Subic Bay cannot be sold, only leased. The SBMA board approved the project. Anything else?

6.) SBMA Ecology Center head should be fired - Gordon

Why? Please tell us why? For doing her job?

7.) As a general rule, you can’t do construction work because it’s a protected area. It’s a watershed. Former DENR secretary and now Rep. Antonio Ceriles.

What general rule? There are provisions in the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) that allow construction. Its in the core ecological zone that development is prohibited. The site, dear sir, is at least 2 kilometers from the core zone. A watershed? Tell that to the Americans, Dick Gordon (former SBMA chair), Former chair Felicito Payumo, President Erap.

8.) Monument to deceit - Inquirer editorial

Sadly, the Inquirer got it much of their facts wrong. Read the editorial here. No connivance here, dear Guyito, just hard working government employees. The types that you have been looking for since your got your first line.

9.) I don't think we should investigate everything we see- Senator Gordon ( a sort of retraction of his vicious attack two days before)

Jesus H. C. Just say SORRY. It ain't that hard. Try it. S-O-R-R-Y. And next time, don't fire of your mouth before you've done proper investigation. We know its hard, but you can do it.

10.) Probe Hanjin, fire SBMA execs - Zubiri again.

You haven't done any investigation yet and yet you pre-judge those whom you want to investigate? You know better than that.

11.) The Hanjin/Arreza/Salonga Environmental Destruction of Subic Continues - Subic Bulletin

Unfair statement, to say the least.

These Korean are not the best investors in Subic Bay. But in this case, they did everything by the book. They took their US$20 million and trusted the SBMA and the government when it said you have complied with all that is needed.

Besides, these pockets of developments (and as you can see there are plenty of them), are important to the Freeport.

Let's put it this way. You have US$ 20 million and you want to invest. SBMA says OK, but you have to comply with the Philippine environment laws. So you DO, and you start spending your money.

And get all these flak just because Ms. Gina Lopez, Gordon, Zubiri, the Inquirer, Cerilles, Legarda and cause-oriented groups failed to do proper research.

What would you do?


sabahthephilippineborneo said...

Thank Hanjin for investing in SBMA.

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