Thursday, April 17, 2008

Magic Lagoon: Great food, Fast Service

Subic Bay Yacht Club or Magic Lagoon?

The question was eventually answered by our wallets. Pulling together ten P100 peso bills would get us nowhere at the Yacht Club, so its off to Magic Lagoon.

Several geese quacked greetings. One even went after a customer, who gave a shocked laugh. Imagine.

If you drop by, take a seat near the lagoon. But make sure the sun’s almost out, otherwise, you are toast. Also, since you are near a water body, expect some flyers to buzz around. But an insect repelling concoction would do the trick. Otherwise, stay near the blowers that the restaurant provides.

As usual, the orders matched San Mig and Marlboro Lights. Sisig, kaldereta, tuna steak, salpicao. Great taste, fast service. It even comes with a smile. This is something that rarely comes with the chow in many restaurants here in Subic Bay.

Calling the attention of the Greater Subic Tourism Bureau (GSTB), a smile ain’t gonna cost your members.

Here is a secret. Order the Kinamatisang Talakitok. It’s heaven. For the pork and beef lovers, salpicao is super. The owner, Romy Tagle, is almost always around to attend to your needs.

The more adventurous would be able to fish their fish meal right from the lagoon. This is one thrill that you can’t find anywhere in Subic Bay. And get this, they are open, 24/7.

So, one hour and 980 pesos later, here is the review.

NOTE:Some readers wanted a rating system. So, below is a ten-point rating system, ten (10) being the highest, and 1 (one) being the lowest. I will include this system in my previous posts. Just one catch, a score of 3 is definitely a "do not visit."

The Magic Lagoon Bar/Grill/Restaurant
Building 716 Bincentenial Park, Rizal Highway
Subic Bay, Zambales, Philippines
Open 24/7

Tel No: Phone: (047)-252-1475

9 -Food (and it won’t take that long)
8 –Place (you can say it a place for party animals)
8 –Service (smile gets half a point)
8 -Price
8.25 -Net Rating


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. We're glad you've enjoyed your stay.;)

Anonymous said...

masarap din ang spicy crab nila! yum! yum!

Jaime Santiago said...

its so nice to eat at MAGIC LAGOON, i check it out again, khit may kamahalan at di masyadong fresh mag eenjoy ka nman sa view

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