Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Subic-Clark Expressway: A better road that could be better


The SCTEx is great piece of work for a country that is deeply enbroiled in many challenges.

Almost all motorists (and therefore Subic visitors) we've talked to say that travelling through the 50-kilometer road is an inspiring experience. "We could do it after all," commented a Hari Krishna devotee, who is currently based in London, told a member of the subicreview team. He spent two weeks in the country, and nearly missed the opening of the tollroad.

He is now back in London, promising to tell the rest of the Filipino community about it. "Its good thing that I bought a new digital camera in Hong Kong enroute to Manila," he adds. Picture do tell a thousand words, at the very least.

But its not enough that we could do it. We must "do" better.

Right now, the Subic-Clark road does not have an exit to guess where? Right, Clark. The lighting system still needs, well, more light.

With that said, we are still more than happy that it is finally open. It was long overdue as explained in this article of the subicreview.

To the tollroad operator. In case Payumo, Colayco and the rest of the gang who started it all, asks for permission to camp-out temporarily along the sides of the highway, do let them. They deserve it.

For those who haven't experienced the SCTEx, the labod day weekend is just around the corner. Come to Subic, pass through the SCTEx, you'll see that we (the Filipinos) really can be better.


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