Monday, March 10, 2008

One Night Only: Cecil Licad @ Casa San Miguel

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Guess where my 10-day ticket hunt for the Cecil Licad show (March 15, 2008) at Casa San Miguel (CSM), San Antonio, Zambales led me?

Unfortunately, there is no webpage about the show, nor a website about Casa San Miguel where you can buy tickets.

Good thing a friend of mine, Jen Velarmino, knew a certain Lucy of CSM, and I was able to reserve five seats. The simple way was to contact Coke Bolipata, but a lost cellphone number complicated the matter.

As a DZFE-FM fanatic, I listened to classical music while studying at the FEU freedom park. One December day in 1989, a DZFE jock said that a Pinoy lady was making waves playing the piano (referring to Licad). The crummy guy forgot to play her piece.

So I asked around, and found a Betamax copy. Scratchy, and bad recording. But, I loved it!

I never had a chance to watch her, though. A promdi kid like me could not afford the tickets at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). Unless my grades (read: life) depended on it.

Tickets prices: P300, P500, P1,000, and (ahem) P1,500 .

Twenty years later, guess which ticket I could afford?


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