Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The President's Cup Regatta lights the "Summer Is Here" flare

It took a while, but Summer is finally here. Its hot and windy outside. Not your usual day at Subic Bay.

Scores of beautifully painted sails greeted my casual dive along Waterfront road last Tuesday afternoon. So I decided to investigate.

Hmm... yatchs. Lots of them. Ladies (and gents), as well. I took a risk and asked a female Boardwalk Inn staff, "what's up with those ships?" Without looking at me, she shot back, "President's Cup, and Summer!"

That's seals it. I needed the "Summer is here" confirmation, since there were unusual rain showers during the last two weeks.

To those who are planning a trip to Subic, fear not. The lady said summer is up, and I am sure she can predict the weather here better that your television weather reporters.

Just make sure that you book your rooms at least two weeks ahead of schedule. Room rates are pretty steady despite the demand.

Below are some hotels in Subic. But be warned that under no circumstance that their inclusion in the list below is an endorsement from this blog. I've been to some of them and I will write about it in some other time.
There is one hotel in the list below that I wouldn't stay in. Never.
Enjoy the hunt. And let it be said, "book at your own risk!"

Read the blog about this Hotel

For those who have more time to burn, click this link for hotels in Subic. You might think I am pulling your leg, but if you are serious at getting the best rooms in the area, click the Ads by Google link. They have great and very helpful reviews about the hotels.
If you have issues about the Google ads, then go to the website, and look for Subic Bay hotels.
Here are some photos of the yachting event.

All photos courtesy of Jun Dumaguing, Jr.


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