Friday, March 14, 2008

Pier One: Great ambiance. Great food... if you can wait for it.

One of the busiest place in Subic is Pier One Bar and Grill.

People usually troop in droves starting Friday until Sunday. So, I went with the crowd last March 14. Scores of St. Joseph's School alumni who are celebrating their 60th Founding year were there to talk about yesteryears.

My group shied away from the open area, and opted to while away time at the restaurant's airconditioned room. There were at least s200 people at the grill, but not one joined us, despite the incredibly humid night.

The band, composed of three lovely ladies, belted our pop hits. One of them, sadly I forgot her name, is reputedly the best female vocalist in Olongapo City. Here is a video of one of their bands.

The blaring Retro music was stirring the crowd into a frenzy--- credit the oldies (ahem) from SJS for it. Those not accomodated by the limited stage, opted to "swing it" by their chairs. The least that could be said is that the patrons were enjoying themselves.

The waiter tapped my shoulder for my order. "SanMig light (P60). Marlboro lights (P60). Tuna sisig (P149)," I told him. Off went the waiter after my friends (Ansbert again and Lance) gave their orders. Click this link for their menu. However, for the Subic branch, add around 20% to the price indicated.

A full ten minutes later, the beers came. The SML wasn't room temperture, but it wasn't that cold. "Them oldies (ahem) from SJS again," I sighed. "Couldn't they have ordered one less cold SanMig light for this Saint Anne Academy alumni?"

It's good thing the Marlboro Lights came soon after. "Hmm puffing away carcinogenic clouds of smoke will go somewhere else," I thought.

So, after 30 minutes of live band action, gyrating hotties on stage, and some yesteryear bodies on the dance floor, the tuna sisig (and the rest of the selection) landed on our table. The verdict? It was great. I am sure that my hunger (remember: 30 minutes waiting time) contributed to Pier One's claim of "Great Food."

Hmm, maybe a hungry stomach is the secret to great tasting food?

Pier One's webpage says its "meat and seafood are delivered fresh regularly and processed promptly to guarantee freshness." If only they cooked them and delivered them faster, then it would be fresher, wouldn't it?

Some readers wanted a rating system. So, below is a ten-point rating system, ten (10) being the highest, and 1 (one) being the lowest. I will include this system in my previous posts. Just one catch, a score of 3 is definitely a "do not visit."

PIER ONE BAR & RESTO Filipino Cuisine
Waterfront Road, Central Business District
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Open 10:00 am to 2:00 am (Daily)
Tel No:(63-47) 252-5970 / 1346

7 -Food (for Pier One, this rating includes the taste contribution of hunger)

8 -Place

9 -Band (if any)

6 -Service

7 -Price
7.4 -Net Rating


Anton said...

Nice site. I don't know if we know each other but i used to work there also, and hmm, you have references like studying at FEU and yes..names like Jen....hmmm John Bayarong?

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