Thursday, November 19, 2009

21st AdCon in Subic Bay: Our Web and your Mobile

(21st Philippine advertising Congress, Subic Bay)
Obviously, our interest lies in the 'digital' discussions of the Advertising Congress. Subic Bay, after all, relies heavily on the web to make its presence felt. Its marketing moolah is in short supply, like everyone else. But unlike everybody else, its super limited resources ain't used effectively. But that is for another blog.

<---We missed JOHN NAISBITT's talk on climate change. Sad, but unavoidable. I am sure that you will find enough materials about climate change in the web to make you stop looking for more. The predictions are grim and we hope humanity (that includes us, remember) to find a solution.

'Taking social networking to the next level. Who will take the lead?' was the topic about the net.

Great! Filipinos lapped up the features of every social networking site offered. At the height of Typhoon Ondoy, one silly Facebooker told her friends to keep the updates clear of the usual traffic. Why? Because according to her, Facebook was being used to cocordinate information about the calamity. Sheez, I wanted my friends to know that I just cooked too many roast beef. They all spoiled, damn!

The first speaker was CLAUDIO PINKUS, Executive Chairman of He naturally harped on the advantages of using Here is what interested me about his talk. I thought that most of us want digitized photos, Right? We he has a different take. His company plans to take these memories to the next level --- in high resolution PRINTS! Talk about talking taking the SNS to the next level.

If you are a multiply user, you missed a lot. If you use Facebook, Friendster and other social netwroking sites, you spent your time well doing sometime else.

Ian Stewart, Head, Friendster Asia has a better take on his assignment.Read this: ---> 40% of all net users are in Asia (660 million), only 16.5% of Asia is online!

Social networking, sites, he said, are maturing. Clearly, fragmentation and segmentation are slowly creeping its way into these site. (Heaven's forbid that Facebook becomes a site for teenagers, easing me out of my favorite but still unproductive niche. Yikes!)

No worries, though, Stewart predicts that Facebook is clearly for adults. Teens are more likely to flock to Freindster, while X my son, will click away at Moshi monsters.

Reuben Maislos of Pudding Media, on the other hand, described how marketers AND telcos (Smart, Globe and Sun) might beam the advertisers messages...

The images above is from Mr. Maislos presentation.

It is not as if the model used above is THE WAY, or THE ONLY WAY.

We better brace ourselves from this invasion because it is coming. As sure as night will give way to daytime, they are coming to your cellphone.



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