Friday, November 20, 2009

Death Cigarette founder BJ Cunningham wows crowd

21st Philippine Advertising Congress, Subic Bay

BJ Cunningham, founder of the Death Cigarettes, took center stage this morning.

BJ is engaging and entertaining. His talk impressed the audience (and the Subic Bay Review). Brands (companies), he stressed, must concentrate on being who they really are and that that each brand must deliver their promise.

In hindsight, what can you expect from a man who tries to sell a product that kills and makes sure that everyone understands it. Sheez...

Here's a video clip of his superb talk on Brand Differentiation in the New Market Paradigm

If you ever have the money for a branding talk, he is worth every dollar (or Euro).

BJ Cunningham's profile

BJ Cunningham - Founder of Death Cigarettes. Keynote Business and Branding Speaker.

Whilst still a teenager BJ Cunningham launched his first enterprise, The Karma Connection, importing classic cars and Harley Davidsons from LA to London. This stopped abruptly when the market collapsed!

Taking his considerable debt, BJ Cunningham established DEATH™ Cigarettes, as ‘the honest smoke’. The Enlightened Tobacco Company began to gain such a foothold that it eventually found itself up against the combined might of the industry.

BJ Cunningham uses the DEATH cigarette brand to illustrate the power of provocation and how to flip a conservative market. In typically entertaining fashion, he also demonstrates that authentic and powerful branding demands the truth. The future is about market depth and involvement, not just awareness.

His verve and growing reputation for challenging norms led BJ to set up an integrated brand marketing agency, winning clients as diverse as Volkswagen, B&O, Fairline Boats and Nokia.


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