Wednesday, November 18, 2009

First taste of the 21st Philippine Advertisting Congress.

I've been to the 17th Philippine Advertising Congress in Cebu and the 20th here in Subic Bay. What the heck can the marketers think of that would surprise the perennial delegate?

Remember this?

Off to the Subic Bay Exhibition and Convention Center I went this afternoon. To register, of course. I was surprised to see that it has almost the same layout as the 20th. Smart got most of the booths outside while Coke parked its cheeky red truck a few meters away.

Willis, a local bar, was prepping up their booth. Most of the waitresses were already showing off some skin. And I don't blame them, it was hot and dry.

Bursting with delegates, the registration area was a joy to watch. Ladies with streaming but fake orange hair. Curvaceous women in high heels. And, uh, let's get back to the Advertising Congress.

When I got to the press center, the mainstream media boys and girls were slouched in what appears to be the same couch I sat on two years ago. I could be wrong you know, but it was not something worth asking about.

Are you getting the drift of the surprise? Good then, let's move on.

20th PAC ads (Subic Bay)

Strutting around the venue area with my brothers, I see familiar faces showing off their pearly whites like they were real pearls.

'So, if they were here two years ago, why so much joy? You would think that they'd want to pass up the 21st PAC because they've been to Subic Bay, and not much has really changed,' I thought, as I shoot rapid courteous grins their way.

We kind of floated around a bit, and decided to look for a photo exhibit, when we chanced upon a Canon booth. My brothers, both photo enthusiasts, naturally got sucked into a technical chat with the Canon reps about, well, the latest photographic contraptions.

'We've got a photo exhibit, but the photos will be flashed here (pointing to a 42-inch LCD TV). But we also have a photo contest on any subject matter about the 21st PAC,' the jolly Canon rep blurted, pointing to their backdrop announcing the contest.

The contest theme was "Ano sa tingin mo?"

My jaw dropped. I forgot all about the 21st PAc theme --- PERSPECTIVE.

I don't know if 'the old being new again' effect is something that these marketers tried to create but it did make me look at the familiar faces i saw again, the same venue, subic bay, the crazy couch, quite differently.

Every morning when we wake up, we see the same thing and say it is the same thing all over again. Well, it ain't.

It is, after all, a new day.


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